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Comprehensive advice on Framework Agreement

We anticipate problems, providing creative solutions to substantially increase our clients' sales.

Doubts in framework agreement?

Framework Agreement is a great option to sell easily and quickly to the State. But it is no longer so easy to award or even appear in the electronic catalog, either due to the complexity and requirements demanded in the new bases or because the product catalog is increasingly restricted.

The catalog administration and management is increasingly complex, with strong and trained competitors with intense sales strategies.

Indispensable to be advised

It is essential to be well advised in the application and management of the catalog and sales, as well as in the defense regarding the actions of other suppliers, once awarded.
It is simply the difference between having or not having millionaire sales.

That difference is called 3DK. Contact Us.


Included services

Framework agreement advice
  • Comprehensive advice on applying for agreements.
  • Commercial management.
  • Support in the product portfolio strategy.
  • Legal support against fines and sanctions.
  • Access to Buyers Directory. (Yellow Pages)
  • Competition and market analysis.
  • Claims and/or challenge of results. (optional)
  • Contract management and additional services. (optional)

Reach your greatest sales potential in the Framework Agreement with the best support.

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