Asesoría legal en compras pública ChileCompra/mercadopublico

Legal Advice on Public Purchases

We defend and successfully resolve fines, security collections, including claims and lawsuits for illegal or unfair situations, claims for non-payment and other problems.

Not every lawyer know about ChileCompra

Our experience has taught us that many clients go to lawyers who are not specialists in public procurement, which in the long run may even mean an increase in difficulties and not a real solution. 

Our goal is not only to solve the problems, but to anticipate them, so that the client can focus on their business and not lose sales or be sanctioned with large fines that could have been avoided.

Anticipating problems is the key

Did you know that there are fines for effective delays, which are illegal?

Did you know that there are more effective and cheaper ways than filing a lawsuit before the Public Procurement Tribunal?

Did you know that despite having been awarded, that award could come to nothing?

There are many advisers, but few really understand the subject.


Included services

asesoría legal en compras públicas ChileCompra
Legal Advice on Public Purchases
  • Defense against fines and sanctions.
  • Challenge and defense of public tenders and awards.
  • Actions against non-timely payment.
  • Defense against collection of guarantees.
  • Claims and/or challenge of results.
  • Contract management and additional services.

Don't lose more money and strengthen your business. Call us.

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