asesoría licitaciones públicas

Comprehensive advice on Public Tenders

We accompany you throughout the process of application for public tenders. If you want to create or strengthen your bid application area, contact us.

Advice to apply?

Lack of experience applying at Don't you feel safe?

Put aside your concern, we take care of the entire process, including the subsequent management. Increase your sales, we are your solution.

Many providers lack sufficient experience in the application process, or they do not have the time, staff or resources to do so, diverting them from their natural objective, which is to dedicate themselves to their business and obviously sell.

A big problem

Not being prepared or not having the resources or experience to apply can mean not awarding bids that were winnable, or worse, winning bids that generate losses, which obviously impacts the sales and growth of your company. The solution to it is called 3DK.


Included services

asesoría licitaciones públicas
Advice on public tenders
  • Basic review of documentation to apply.
  • Analysis of administrative and technical bidding requirements.
  • Basic analysis of market conditions and prices.
  • Preparation of offer.
  • Participation in bidding instances (questions and answers, reverse forum, etc).
  • Analysis of adjudication and/or rejection.
  • Claims and/or challenge of results (optional).
  • Contract management and additional services (optional).

Do not miss any more opportunities, contact us and see how your company's sales begin to grow.

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