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Do you need to increase your

market share?

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Do you know your competitor?
Do you know which institutions buy the most of your products or services?
Is your product portfolio the most suitable?
Do you have the contact details of the public buyers?

The best business intelligence of focused on sales to the public sector

Thanks to our self developed technology, hosted in the cloud, we can store and transform more than 25 million lines of transaction information from MercadoPú into useful information for commercial areas. Strategic information plus our experience allows us to deliver the following services:

Dashboard BI
• Framework Agreement transactions
• Institutional risk level
• Buyers Directory (33 thousand employees approx.)

Market studies, Reports and analysis of tenders and Purchase Orders
We perform analysis of historical purchase orders to study specific markets within MercadoPú with reports on competitors, market share and purchase recurrence of public institutions.

Massive and opportunity marketing e-mail
Manténgase en contacto con sus clientes con boletines o llegue a nuevos con campañas y ofertas especiales. Email marketing automático a compradores específicos luego de comprar un producto o servicio complementario al suyo. Si compran un PC ofrézcale una licencia de software!!!


Daniel Colle

Industrial Civil Engineer UC, MBA from UAI
Former ChileCompra, more than 10 years of experience in Public Procurement.
Former General Manager Dictuc Capacitación SpA (of the UC Group of Companies)

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"Our reports allowed us to evaluate the real size of the potential market and the competition, adjusting the goals and focusing the sales force on the relevant customers with a new, more profitable product portfolio."

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