Defense of Suppliers: Fines, Sanctions and Illegalities

Do you need legal support specialized in Public Procurement ?

Is your competition engaging in bad practices, harming your business?
Have you received unfair fines or penalties?
Have you lost tenders and contracts? Don't they pay you?

We defend you in ChileCompra /

We provide legal advice to our clients in all aspects they need, from creating them as companies to legally supporting them in the bidding / contracting procedures, including management and negotiation when appropriate. We are also specialists in challenging and claiming illegal, unfair or arbitrary situations generated during the bidding process and / or subsequent execution of the contract on the ChileCompra platform (MercadoPú We are dedicated, among other things, to challenges and claims for:

  • Bidding rules and illegal awards
  • Illegal Re-adjudications or Invalidations
  • Anticipated terms of contracts and collection of guarantees
  • Late payments
  • Purchase orders
  • Fines and other penalties
  • Management and procedural complaints
  • Registry annotations


Pablo Prüssing

UC Lawyer . Master of Laws

He worked for 7 years in the Legal Division of the ChileCompra Directorate.

Former Executive Secretary of the Association of Suppliers of the Health Industry A.G.

"We have successfully defended fines to State suppliers, including a sanction of more than 700 million pesos (individually considered fine)".

We intelligently and realistically defend our clients. Not all cases should end in the Public Procurement Court.

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