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Grow in public procurement

Comprehensive, strategic and legal advice

We open and increase our clients' sales channel to the State, minimizing costs and risks, through strategic and legal advice, transforming ourselves into their specialized Public Procurement department.

About Us



Roberto Pinedo

Former Director ChileCompra.
Ex Gerente general Clínica Colonial.

Ingeniero civil informática USACH.
MBA U. Adolfo Ibáñez.

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Pablo Prüssing

Ex Jefe área relaciones internacionales y estratégicas, División jurídica, ChileCompra.
Ex Secretario ejecutivo APIS AG.

Abogado PUC.
Master of law, Ruprecht-Karls Universität, Heidelberg, Alemania.

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Ángela Sánchez

Ex División de convenios marco, ChileCompra.
Docente Universitaria.

Ingeniero industrial USACH.
Diplomado en gestión de abastecimiento.

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Daniel Colle

Ex Jefe depto. formación y Jefe (s) división clientes, ChileCompra.
Ex Gerente general Dictuc capacitación SpA.

Ingeniero civil industrial PUC.
MBA U. Adolfo Ibáñez y MSc, PUC.

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Associated with:

Chilean-German Chamber of Commerce

Chilean Belgian Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce

BNI Chile - Business Network International

What services are you looking for?

Let's talk to understand your need and together find a solution.

Comprehensive advice on public tenders

We accompany you comprehensively throughout the process of application for public tenders, from the offer formulation to the award and subsequent management of the contract. If you want to create or strengthen your bid application area, do not hesitate to contact us.

Comprehensive advice on Framework Agreement

We provide comprehensive advice on the Framework Agreement, from the application to its management. We assume the role of a real and effective Help Desk, anticipating problems and providing creative solutions to substantially increase our clients' sales.

Legal advice, including fines and penalties

We provide legal advice to our clients in matters of public procurement and other related areas, including appeals and lawsuits for illegal or unfair situations. We defend and successfully resolve fines, security collections, contesting bidding rules and awards, claims for non-payment and other problems.

Business intelligence - Market analysis

Our reports are not limited to reproducing general and common information, but we adapt them to the reality and needs of each client, delivering interpreted, applied and strategic information that allows key business decisions to be made. 

Diagnosis, planning and improvements

We strengthen our clients, so that they have the best options to win tenders, also seeking to shield them, so that they avoid eventual problems that may affect the final utility of the business.
To do this, we make a diagnosis in various aspects and areas of our clients, eliminating their weak points and improving and strengthening others, delivering a strategic action and development plan from a legal, commercial and technological point of view, all focused on improving their management and performance at

Bidding Alert

Every morning we deliver the public tenders available to apply according to the particular parameters and requirements of each client, sending an email to the respective executives and award rate reports for management.

International soft landing

We comprehensively accompany and advise foreign companies to enter Chile, making a detailed analysis of the market, as well as potential business available and in which they have high chances of being awarded, which means a great saving of time, money and other resources for the companies. We accelerate and concretize the possibilities of success and sales. 

Induction and training program in public procurement

We train online and/or in person on the main regulatory, administrative, management and operation aspects of, resolving doubts and day-to-day problems in the management of tenders and contracts. Having professionals who know the business is essential.

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Las decisiones sobre los concursos de licitación pública deben ser conocidas en sede judicial por el Tribunal de Contratación Pública.
Nuevo clásico universitario: Microdatos U. de Chile y Centro de Encuesta UC en la recta final para adjudicarse la Casen
La columna de Hernán de Solminihac: Compras Públicas: Cuentas claras conservan la amistad